Alex Goulding
Alex Goulding (born July 5) [1] is a bassist, producer, DJ, cook and a musical chairs regional finalist in 1996. [2] He is the only son of Tracey Goulding and Arthur Goulding. He has three sisters including: Elena, Isabel and Jordan.

Little bioEdit

According to his Twitter profile, Alex appears to show interest for 'soul' and 'funk' music. [3] He also is in a band called: "The 45's" and has had a short gig tour with the band. [4]

According to a tweet posted in December, 2014, he stated that he wouldn't collaborate with Ellie Goulding due to unknown reasons. [5]

He currently resides in Britain whereabouts unknown. Alex has a Twitter account @Alex_Goulding and an private Instagram account @alex_goulding.


Jordan Alex Ellie

Jordan Goulding (left), Alex (centre), Ellie Goulding (right)


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