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"Castles" is a song written by Ellie Goulding. Not much is known about the song. The song was not registered on BMI or any other similar service. It's preview was leaked in 2013 and it's full version was never revealed.


You're a catastrophe, make mistakes adorably.
A different boy with every season it's inconvenient towards the reasons.

So as he told, was he fair?
I'll guess we were just too young to care.

So take this picture down and place it with a poster from your info
Set up camping at back garden
Hoping that statue will bring back virtue
what is that? what is that?

Shall take a mind, take a time to be its favourite and make a mockery of his mind for entertainment.
And she writes a story in his hands.
She writes a story in his hands.

So, I'll be your castle but if you are such a warrior.
Get yourself out of this.
Lying isn't easier.
I found a place to go that currently is enough to keep you right.